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Biggest Inspiration

Chef Watson’s grandmother is his greatest inspiration. She taught him the joy and satisfaction of cooking as a child. From the moment he watched her prepare a Thanksgiving feast, his love for creating fresh, healthy meals was ignited.

“I remember she told me to toast bread for Thanksgiving stuffing, and I looked over and saw she was chopping celery and making chicken broth. I will never forget the amazing smell coming from her kitchen. I had to know what made her food so good!”

Watson believes in the importance of food uniting people.

“Food brings people together. Some of the best times in my life have been spent around the table eating a meal. Whether it’s cookouts, birthdays, or holidays…everyone helps cook! When you sit down at the table and enjoy a meal together, that’s something special.”

Not only did his grandmother teach him to cook, she also inspired him to share his gift with others.

“My grandmother would never let anyone’s stomach be empty. She would invite people to her house to cook for them, and that really stuck with me.”

Everyone deserves to eat fresh, healthy food. Ensuring that happens by serving others is the key to a strong community, and that’s what drives Chef’s Table.

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